Code of Ethics

Mexican Society for Artificial Intelligence

Applies to every member of the Mexican Society of Artificial Intelligence, assuming full responsibility for their work and the potential impact of it on society and the scientific and professional community.

Do whatever depends on him so that the products resulting from his work do not put at risk the health or physical integrity of people, or the environment.
Do whatever depends on him so that the products resulting from his work are not used in a way that harms the human rights of individuals or social groups or infringes the law.
Conduct yourself with honesty in your professional work. Grant the corresponding credit for the contributions of others to their own work. Respect the patents and legal rights that protect the work of others. Back up your affirmations with reliable data.
Show tolerance and respect for opinions contrary to their own in the professional field.
Handle with discretion and protect the confidentiality of sensitive information entrusted to you in your work.
Strive to ensure that your work always has the best quality that you can achieve with the available resources.
Strive to stay updated in your area of ​​expertise.
To favour the correct diffusion, between the society, of the scientific and technological concepts and discoveries in its speciality area, its adequate use and its potential risks.
Use rationally and honestly those resources that have been granted to carry out their work.
Do whatever depends on him to disseminate, among those who are necessary, the knowledge acquired through his professional work and that is of social or environmental utility or that allows to prevent health risks or catastrophes.